The Higher Education Institution of the Province of Liège (HEPL) awards a wide range of Master and Bachelor Degrees in many subjects.

Whatever the field of study, our Institution offers trainings combining theoretical and practical aspects as it allows students to carry out field placements and meet the professionals.

Though it remains a «school within the city», our Institution is fully involved in the Bologna Process and aims to open up to the whole of Europe. It has been collaborating, for years now, with other European HEI's and has developed fruitful mobility programmes for students.

As future ERASMUS students, you are most welcome to the HEI of the Province of Liège. True to its long tradition, the HEI of the Province of Liège is delighted to welcome you among its students and is eager to offer you a high-quality education in different training fields as well as the necessary support for a successful integration.


The International Relations Office (IRO):

Not all of the faculties are located in the city of Liège but they are spread all over the Province of Liège. Some lectures for students in the exchange programme are conducted in English and some courses are only available in French. For more information about your semester, please contact the International Coordinator of the HEPL.

Do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office to get the necessary information for a successful stay in our HEI

  • Morgane Lamoureux
+32 (0)4 237 96 47

  • Philippe Parmentier
+32 (0)4 237 96 19

Office hours
Monday - Friday
From 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
Or appointments

If you need practical and useful tips to prepare your stay, you can consult the Erasmus Students' Guide or the pages devoted to the presentation of the Province of Liège. You can also refer to the FAQ section where we provide clear answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Many more information here.


Useful tip:
For using the Internet within the HEPL you need a personal pass. The latter is the same as the pass of the virtual school which you received during your registration in the International Relations Office. Thanks to this Internet access, you can surf the web or do your homework whether using your personal computer or using those available in the library.

Should be noted that a web filtering software comes with the university’s Internet access, restricting different kinds of websites such as social networks, video sharing websites and many other entertainment websites.