• Youth hostels

Youth hostel Georges Simenon

Rue Georges Simenon, 2
4020 Liège

Tél. +32 4 344 56 89
Fax +32 4 344 56 87

  • Private rooms

There are plenty of cheap rooms available in Liège, more than 7000 in the downtown area alone. Accommodation is definitely cheaper in Liège than in other university cities, which can make a real difference for students living on a tight budget.
Students therefore have the opportunity to visit several places and make the best possible choice. There are no waiting lists.

"For rent" signs (à louer) are usually posted in windows in most neighbourhoods of Liège.

Some examples of rents:
In a “kot”: between 250 and 300 euros (utilities included) but may vary depending on neighbourhood and facilities available.
Small studio: between 300 and 400 euros (utilities included).

  • Sharing a house, an apartment, a loft

Availability is as great and as varied as in any other big city, although rents tend to be more affordable than in other cities in the French-speaking Community. More and more of our students decide to share.

Some examples of rents:
A 90 m² 2-bedroom house: 450 euros and up
A 40 m² apartment: 350 euros and up
An 80 m² 2-bedroom apartment: 450 euros and up

Be careful, you can be a target of scammers who try to rent fake rooms on the Internet. ESN HEPL can help you to contact the owner to see his/her reliability. We suggest you to visit first of all your room before giving some money. If you’re already in the town, it would be easier for you to be sure about the reliability of some rental ads.


  • Living in residence

Dormitory of the Province of Liège

The dormitory proposes single room equipped with hot and cold water. Shower, TV room, Relaxation room and kitchenette are available. The price is about 280€ per month. It includes the cost of housing, bedding and food. The dormitory is a mixed dormitory for students of secondary and higher education.

For more information, please contact:

Internat Polyvalent de Seraing
Rue du Commerce, 14
4100 Seraing

Mr. Richard CROISIER (Director)
Tél. : +32 (0)4 330 74 30
Fax : +32 (0)4 330 74 31
Mail :

The Student Hotel

The Student Hotel offers about 150 rooms in 4 different room types for periods of one semester (5 months) or two semesters (10 months). The train station is a 15-minute walk from the Student Hotel and is located on Boulevard d’Avroy within a 10-minute walk from the university’s downtown campus and the city’s main shopping and entertainment areas.

67, Boulevard d’Avroy
4000 Liège


Meuse Campus

Student Residence in the heart of Liege offering:

  • - 235 studios: single, double, twin
  • - Foyer, fitness, terrace on the roof
  • - Study rooms, laundry room, bicycle shed
  • - Eco-management and security
  • - Real estate office and housekeeper on site

Place du XX août, 30 
4000 Liège 
Tel.: +32(0)4/290.49.51